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Modernized Website Design

Give your outdated website a facelift! All websites designed by Aflinx adhere to the latest proven web standards to ensure they are properly displayed on all browsers. Our elegant designs are streamlined for efficiency, responsive for mobile use and esthetically pleasing with a professional touch.

Free Hosting

A website designed by Aflinx not only saves you a ton of money on design costs, you'll also have the option to host your website on our servers free of charge, saving you even more money!

Free Search Engine Submission

Part of our commitment to serve you, Aflix provides free search engine submission service. We'll submit your website to all of the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing on a weekly schedule ensuring that your site remains visible with a competitive ranking.

Free Maintenance

Aflinx provides free maintenance and free coding upgrades on all website designs. Our free, comprehensive and dedicated maintenance service ensures that your site remains updated with current web standards.

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